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Our inhouse therapist offers a wonderful menu of body and face treatments that can either be booked as a one off appointment or as part of our tailored retreats.  Your appointment will be held in our 'mini round room' and offers the perfect environment to relax and refresh surrounded by peace, tranquillity and nature


For all treatment enquiries and bookings please contact our Roundhouse therapist Marina:marina@eternalwellness.uk07743 575569


facial rejuvenation

Also known as Non-Surgical Face Lift Massage this treatment offers the ultimate facial workout.

Stress and unhealthy lifestyle choices can reflect in how we look and this invigorating, rejuvenating treatment that has been known to work wonders.

A light pressure is applied with my hands onto the face, ears, neck, shoulder
and scalp area.

The overall objective is to help to slow down the ageing process, and to enhance your
natural beauty.

The skin is cleansed with a non toxic skin care product, followed by a toner to wipe
the skin clear of any residue of impurities.

An organic oil is then applied to the skin before the massage begins with various techniques used to stimulate the muscles.

To complete the treatment, the feet are massaged before allowing you to rest for a few
minutes on the couch.


lift & glow facial

Create your very own Signature facial with a choice of naturally scented or unscented

Choose between a face lift or deep hydration mask for a tightened, contoured

Feel the movement of the muscles as the therapist uses her fingertips to glide and lift the
skin whilst massaging deep to allow the blood and lymph fluid to flow through for the ‘just
stepped off a beach glow’.
Prepare to feel good about yourself. This treatment goes deeper than the eye can see.


indian head massage

Feel the tension ease as you take a couple of deep breaths.

Relax and listen to the chilled tunes in the background. It’s you time.

This treatment works on the areas that are most effected by stress.
It stimulates the flow of blood, lymph and oxygen in the upper body area and helps to
release stress and anxiety.

The therapist will lightly massage with her fingertips.


abdominal and deep colon massage

The colon is a very important part of the digestive system.

When it becomes congested, one can experience several unpleasant symptoms.

The abdominal cavity contains the stomach, diaphragm, colon, small intestines, liver
pancreas and gall bladder which are in control of our digestive system.
There are many factors that can disrupt the function of the digestive system, whilst causing great discomfort.

A few examples are:
Excess caffeine, fizzy drinks and alcohol consumption, too many refined sugars and
carbohydrates, a diet high in wheat and dairy, large consumption of processed meat, stress
and anxiety.

A deep abdominal massage is a treatment that focuses on the function of the abdomen.

There are three stages to this treatment:
Stage 1: Myofascial release (No oil)
Stage 2: Deep colon massage with oil
Stage 3: Body mask over the area. Relax for 10 minutes whilst the therapist
massages your hands or feet

Benefits of the Treatment:
Relief of constipation, bloating and Irritable bowel syndrome
Improves digestive health
Encourages the elimination of excessive waste
Aids weight loss
Increases energy levels
Clearer, brighter complexion
Boosts the Immune system
Improves lymphatic flow around the abdomen area


Scented Soap Bars
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