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the roundhouse

Life. It can be extraordinarily difficult.

Time amongst trees has a proven positive effect on reducing stress levels and reducing blood pressure. Set within ten acres of woodland in Stoke Albany you will find our small and peaceful haven. 


A working farm for over two decades the Roundhouse has been carefully designed on foundations of authentic nature which has diversified into a completely unique offering, offering a home for all people and nature.


The Roundhouse, or 'rotunda' is a handcrafted and bespoke timber framed eco building clad in beautiful sustainably farmed British larch. A wildflower sedum roof perfectly balances with the nature surrounding the space and our large open air veranda creates a perfect setting for any event. 

Formed of a large central room with its stunning domed roof and a smaller secondary round house, we couldn't be prouder of the haven of rich relaxation and connection to nature we have created within our diversified farm land.


Why Round? Our human connection with round buildings is hard wired into our subconscious, round is a familiar and soothing shape in nature, from bird nests and unfurling ferns to the swirling events in our atmosphere. 

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